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Tree-stand-or-blind-for-deer-hunting, subject: tree stand or blind for deer hunting.. tue aug 30, 2011 11:46 am: well i have the option of deer hunting with my bow out of a tree stand or out of a blind..i quess im just trying to ask which do you think would be the easiest for the first time deer hunting with a bow. and me being a girl.. i have not been in the tree stand yet, but i have been shooting out of the blind, but i really .... Tree stand vs. ground blind. ground blinds encourage sloppy hunting. there. i've said it. comfy blinds make hunters believe they can get away with a lot of things they shouldn't be doing – like playing video games, eating excessively, and napping., one of the area's i hunt is a rolling hills area with lots of cover and lots of live oak mixed with white oak trees this is a smorgasbord for deer bear and turkey,.i cannot use a stand because that limits me to just a small confined spot i cannot scope it from across a valley either. the only way is to "walk and stalk" looking for fresh tracks and hope i bust one out of it's cover.